5 Laser Focused Sessions to get you from “wanting” to be a freelance writer to having samples, a website, social media and your first published piece!

Session 1: Define Your Niche/s/

Pre session Work:

_ Read: 3 Things to do Today to Start a Freelance Writing Career

After this session, you’ll receive a worksheet to get clear and define what “niche or niches” you want to write in.


_ Defining my Niche (worksheet)

Session 2: Get Samples Ready

We’ll talk about how to write a few samples so you have something to present when you begin pitching.

We will discuss:

Outlining, Formatting, Editing

Homework for You:

_ 10 Working Titles (worksheet)

_ Write 3 samples  

_ Read 5 Self-Editing Hacks I Use Every Day

I will:

_ Review 1 sample and give feedback

_ If niche fits Living the Diagnosis, I’ll publish your work so you have a published sample


Google Docs, Yahoo Style Guide, Grammarly

Session 3: Behind the Scenes Business Set Up

In this session, we will cover both the physical tools as well as online tools you will need to get your freelance writing business up and going!

Physical Tools


Marketing Yourself

Social Media Profiles (1-2)


_ Set up accounting/banking

_ Set up Website

_ Set up Social Media Profiles

I will:

_ Review 1 Social Media profile and give feedback

_ I will review website and give feedback

Session 4: The Pitch

Once you have defined your niche, have samples ready to go, a website and a couple social media profiles started, it is time to PITCH!

We will discuss how to find publications to pitch and the process! I’ll share some inside tips and tricks!  


_ Send 3 pitches

I will:

_ Review 1 pitch and provide feedback 


_ Pitch email  template

_ Pitch tracker tool

Session 5: You’re Ready! Next Steps…

We will review everything and go over any questions or concerns you have!

Once we finish this session, you will be well on your way to freelance writing success!

$250/ 5 Sessions (w/unlimited email support )

Sound good? Not sure? That’s ok, why not schedule a free 15-minute call with me to see if you feel we would be a good fit!