How to Use Pinterest and Twitter When You Have a Small Amount of Content

Have you ever wondered how to use Pinterest and Twitter as a brand new blogger, writer, photographer or online entrepreneur?

You’ve just begun your journey, have a small amount of content to share and frankly, those platforms seem very overwhelming.

I get it.

As a brand new online entrepreneur, I decided the easiest way to get my “work” out there would be to get on social media.

So… I signed up for of them!

At the time, I had about 5 blog posts on my site, no email opt-in, products or anything else that would count as shareable content.

It was fine for my Facebook page, but when I went to start building my Twitter and Pinterest up, I soon realized that 5 pieces of content didn’t go far on either platform.

I know I’m not alone, it’s something I hear all the time. It is one of the biggest reasons people shy away from both of the platforms, they just don’t feel they have enough content to share.

I’m a big proponent of following the 80/20 social media rule (share others content 80% and your own 20%). But, let’s be honest, when you are trying to tweet even just 3-5 times a day and “pin” 10 pins a day… well… 5 blog posts isn’t much.

However, I’m going to share a “hack” today that will give you the ability to multiply that that 1, 5 or 10 pieces of content exponentially!


For everyone I work with, I always suggest building 3 – 5 “pin” templates on Canva (or similar program).

Try to keep your branding colors, but create different types of “pins”.

For example, my blog colors are yellow, grey and black, but, I’ve created a couple templates using very feminine stock photos with pretty pastels that seem to do very well on Pinterest.

Keep Pins on brand.

Once you have these templates, you can just pop the title of each blog post onto each template and now you have 3 -5 pins per 1 post. 

One way to “change it up” is to change the wording on the “pins” slightly.

For example:

Blog Post Title:

5 Steps to Take Today to Become a Freelance Writer


Create several "pins" for each blog post, product or course and change the wording up slightly.

Repeat this with each post, opt-in or product and you’ve got a good amount to share. 

Pro Tip:

If you’re offering a content upgrade within your post, include that on your pin. People seem to love pins that include a visual of the content they are going to get!


The hack for Twitter is very similar.

Start a spreadsheet and for every piece of content and write out 5 tweets.

If you like to add visuals to your tweets, find 2 or 3 photos you can include in the tweets. For free stock photos I love Pixabay. And for paid I’m a huge fan of

If your scheduling system has a “bulk upload” feature, upload the tweets and “shuffle” them so the shared content is spread out.

Continue using this hack as you build your content and your days on Twitter and Pinterest just got easier!

Let me know if you have more hacks for increasing shareable content in the comments below.

I was a nurse until chronic illness took me out of the game. Now, I'm a freelance writer and social media manager. I have 4 boys and supervise many, many lightsaber fights in my free time...


  1. This is great, Vicky. Thank you. I’ve only just stumbled across your website and immediately liked what I saw, but what resonated most was that you, like me, have had to give up careers we loved due to chronic illness.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your posts and taking action. You can be sure that I’ll be widely sharing your posts!

    • Lisa! Hi, so glad you found me! Isn’t chronic illness the worst? I’m still pretty upset that I’ve had to give up bedside nursing… but, I love what I’m doing now… so I guess it is ok:) I just looked at your site, love it, you talk about very useful subjects on your blog. I will be reading it, as I always love to read about budgeting!

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