Pinterest for Freelance Writers: Creating an Online Portfolio

You’ve decided to become a freelance writer. You’ve been writing samples and have a few in saved in your Google Docs. 

You’ve sent out your first gut-wrenching pitch. You DID IT! You wrote it and clicked SEND.

You got a response!

They love your pitch, are excited to work with you and think you’ll be a great writer and… now, just one more thing… they need to see your portfolio.

Ah… man.

Right… the portfolio. You know… the one you don’t have yet because is your first ever freelance writing… thing… you’ve done… eva…

There are many places to house an online writers portfolio. Pinterest is one place that is often overlooked.

However, Pinterest only works well when you have a few published pieces that you can “pin” from the blog or site you wrote on. 

Until you use this combination of Pinterest, Canva and Google Docs to create an awesome portfolio!

Here are the steps to get samples on Pinterest that are currently saved as Google Docs:

Create a board on Pinterest to use as your online writing portfolio

Be specific with the name. For example – “Your Name – Writing Samples”.

Putting Pinterest to Work for Freelance WritersCreate a “Pin” on Canva for each sample

You can use any software you want, but I have found Canva to be easy to learn and use. I’ve also made “pins” in PicMonkey and like it too.

Here are a couple great video resources for learning how to make a “pin”.

Pinterest Pins: How to Create a Pinterest Graphic in Pinterest from Hazel Haven

How to Create Long Images for Pinterest from Life Styling Space

Once you have a “board” created and a pin made, it is time to connect the pin to your Google Doc and pin it to your board.

Go to Pinterest and click “upload a pin”

Putting Pinterest to Work for Freelance Writers


Putting Pinterest to Work for Freelance Writers

Upload the “pin” image you just created.

Go to Google Docs, and get the “shareable link” and paste it into the “destination url”. 

Putting Pinterest to Work for Freelance Writers

Make sure you change it to “Anyone can VIEW”, you don’t people messing up your great samples right? 

Fill out the description with keywords from your sample

Choose the “Writing Samples” board to save the “pin” to

I suggest saying, “writing sample” at the beginning and maybe a few lines of the sample.

There you go, you can repeat the process for each sample and you will end up with a nice “visual” picture that links to your writing sample.

As you get some published pieces to your name, I’d suggest adding those to your portfolio board, but for those just starting out, hope this helps! 

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