Putting Pinterest to Work: For Freelance Writers

Putting Pinterest to Work_ For Freelance Writers

In the minds of many, Pinterest is still the place of pretty things. A place to go when you need to plan a wedding or get a quick recipe for dinner.

I’ll admit, I used to think of Pinterest the same way.

After a while, I realized I can and should use Pinterest as well as the other social media platforms, in my freelance writing projects, and once I did, I found Pinterest to be highly valuable for far more than the occasional pretty sweet treat!

Here are a few ways you can put Pinterest to work for you as a freelance writer.

Keyword Research

Pinterest is one of the easiest places to find relevant keywords.

When you hop on Pinterest, enter a word into the search bar. Once the results come back, you’ll see a long list of words in the tiles under the search bar.

BAM… those are some relevant, current keywords to use in your writing.

Here’s an example:

My word: Social Media

Here is the list of keywords I can include:

You can do this for almost any subject you are writing about. Are you a health writer doing an article on hysterectomies? That works.

Are you blogging about how to use Facebook to promote a small business? Find keywords for this too.

The possibilities for finding keywords with Pinterest’s search bar are endless.

Current Relevant Topics

In the same way you find keywords, you can find current topics to include in your writing. This is helpful when writing persuasive posts that need to be relevant right now.

Maybe you have a broad topic and a few keywords, but you don’t know what is trending on the subject.

Pinterest shows “pins” that are trending at the moment, so once you add your keywords, the pins you see will be the ones that are being looked at by others.

For example, when I type in the very broad “social media,” the list of keywords that comes up includes: cheat sheet, small business, template, plan…

If I click any of these topics, I’ll see pins that talk about specific topics that are trending now. For example, it seems that many of the top “pins”  today are talking about how to “do social media” in just a few minutes a day.

From there, you can add your own spin to a topic that is already being talked about.

Title Help

If you’re anything like me, you may have trouble coming up with titles. Ok, I can come up with titles, I just have issues with “catchy headlines, ” and there’s a difference…

Again, Pinterest to the rescue. Once you start looking at the pins you’ve already found using keywords, you can start looking at the titles that are on the pins themselves or you can click through to the sites and take a look at the title of the actual articles.

A little caveat here, many times on Pinterest you will find very simple, straight to the point titles (for SEO purposes), so the “titles” on the pins may not be as exciting as you’re looking for, but often times a simple click through from a good pin to the site may bare a better headline to fuel your creativity.

Find Sources Fast

Speaking of clicking through…

I can’t think of a faster way to gather a list of resources than by using Pinterest.

Of course, once you find great pins, you’ll have to click through to each site and do your due diligence to make sure the site is legit and offering quality info, but hey, you’ll find sources quick by using the search function in Pinterest.

Pro Tip:

Create a “board” for each writing project you do. Keep them “secret” if you want, but this is a great way to quickly organize your research.

House Your Online Writing Portfolio

The next tip is on the marketing side of being a freelancer. As you know, an online portfolio is pretty much expected at this time as a freelance writer.

Pinterest is a fantastic place to “keep” your portfolio online.

Simply create a board and name it something like “Writing Portfolio” and then “pin” your samples to the board.

Pro Tip:

If you’re just getting started as a freelance writer and don’t have any published samples, but have pieces you’ve written and saved in Google Docs, create a “pin” and link the Google Doc to it. This creates a nice “visual” for the person looking at your portfolio and will lead to your well-written sample!

Not sure how to do this? Contact me, and I’ll walk you through it. 

Now, go explore Pinterest next time you have a writing project.

Let me know if you have more useful ways of using Pinterest as a writer; I’d love to hear how you use the platform!

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