How To Set up a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is a wonderful tool to use to drive traffic to a website/blog, get email subscribers, sell services and products!

Let’s go through the steps to set up a Pinterest Business account and get started harnessing the Power of Pinterest!

Step 1:

Go to the Pinterest for Business sign up page.

Step 2:

Fill out the information

Step 3:

Answer questions to continue setting up account

Follow at least 3 “Interests” (make sure they relate to your niche)

Step 4: Create Your Profile (make sure to add keywords)

From here, go to your profile and get ready to set it up!

Now you are in the “backend” of your profile. This is where you will add all the information you need to get “seen” on Pinterest.

Along with being visual, Pinterest is heavy on keywords. For every part of your profile, make sure to use niche specific keywords.

Be sure to add keywords to your business name:

Be sure to add keywords to all these parts of your profile:


Step 5: Create Boards and Populate with Pins

Go to “My Profile”

On the screen, click “boards” in the middle

Click “Create Board”

Make sure to name your board with niche specific keywords. Now is NOT the time to be creative, you want it to be a name that someone would search for.

Cute Board Name = Hard to find on Pinterest Seach

Keyword Board Name = Easier to find on Pinterest Search

Create 5 – 10 Boards that are industry specific

Step 6: Populate Boards with “Pins”

There are many ways to add pins to your boards.

For this tutorial, I’ll show you had to add “pins” from Pinterest onto your board.

Go to the search bar at the top of the screen and search for pins that are appropriate for the board you want to add pins to.

In this example, my “board” is named “Twitter Strategy”, so I’ve searched the same thing in the search bar.

From here you will see “pins” that match your search.

You want your Pinterest boards to be filled with good quality content. Take time to look at these pins and click through to make sure they point to quality information.

To save a “pin” to a “board”, hover over the pin and a “save” button will appear, click that and your boards will appear (you may need to refresh your screen if you’ve added boards lately for all to populate).

Press “save” once you’ve selected your chosen board for the “pin” to live on and wala… you have a “pin” on your “board”. Continue this process until you have populated each board with 10 – 20 high quality “pins”.

At this point, you have your Business Pinterest account set up with boards created and populated with “pins” and are on your way to Pinterest success!

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