How To Use Social Media for Writing Research

It happens to us all.

Writer’s block.


What do you do when the cursor is blinking on the white page?

I know what I do, I hop on Facebook, or Twitter, or my favorite Pinterest. Then I waste time while the blank white page is still waiting for me. It occurred to me one day, I should be utilizing these sites for my own writing purposes.

Every single social media platform has built in “ideas” for writers, you just have to use them to your advantage.

I’m mostly a healthcare writer, so my examples will focus on those subjects.


When you open up Twitter, go to the search bar. Type in a whatever keyword it is you’re writing about and press enter.

Wa – la, all of the sudden everything is about that keyword.

As I am a people person, I like to click the people tab and see the profiles that come up. I find a profile I find interesting and look to see if they have either a website or blog. If they do, I look to see what their latest posts are about.

I do that with 2-3 people to see if I can find related content based on my original keyword that is currently being written about.

For example, I recently wrote a post about “How to Prepare for Wrist Surgery”. I hopped on Twitter, typed in “wrist surgery” and clicked the “People” tab and found several orthopedic surgeons with great websites and used the information for my post.

You can do the same thing with all the tabs. News, Top and Latest are also incredibly helpful.


Facebook’s results are not as great as Twitter, but it still works.

Follow the same steps. Go to the search bar and enter your keyword.

Once the results come up, look at all the tabs that show up on the top.

I usually stay in the “Latest” tab as it seems to be the easiest to find news and relevant information on the subject.

However, when I am writing a parenting article, I can find helpful blogs and websites by checking out the “People” tab.

For example, I found one of my favorite sites, Life Without Pink by typing in “Parenting Boys” and searching through the “people” that came up.


Pinterest is my favorite social media site for writing and blogging hands down.

I could go on about it forever, and probably will, but in a different post!

As above, hop on the site and type your keyword in.

Bam, tons of pins appear on the subject.

Look above the pins at the words in the “pretty boxes”. Those are the keywords people use to search for your subject within Pinterest.

As an example, if you type in “wrist surgery” you will see many pins related to that specifically.

Take a look above, you will see words like “recovery”, “scar”, “broken”. Now, you have additional “keywords” to use for SEO and more angles on the same subject.

These are a few ways to utilize social media for writing block and research. Not only do you get to take a break from that obnoxious blinking cursor, you get to check in on your people and get some work done too!

Next time someone tells you to get off “the Tweeter” and get to work, you can smile and say, “I am working”!

I was a nurse until chronic illness took me out of the game. Now, I'm a freelance writer and social media manager. I have 4 boys and supervise many, many lightsaber fights in my free time...